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GTK2/GNOME2 file-manager sporting a tree-view (a la "fm"), a browser-view (a la NeXT/Step), and the usual icon-/thumbnail-view. Standard UNIX calls, GNOME-VFS or efsd (the enlightened file-system daemon) can be used to access the file-system. GPL'd.

My Eterm/GNU-screen and Eterm/Twin mergers have found their way into the Eterm-CVS. Checkout the latest Eterm, then ./configure --enable-etwin after installing twin and its libraries, and/or .configure --enable-escreen.

Azundris' Code Expander (ace)
Universal signature-code encoder/decoder project. Multi-platform_ CGI- and command-line use. OpenSource.

finger-daemon for those so extraverted that they feel they have to hand out something while not wanting to reveal security-relevant info. Started out as a patch to the BSD implementation, but shares almost no code with it these days.

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X Moot Map 7 KByte2007/05/0822:23
remap mouse buttons of secondary mice. like xmodmap pointer = ...

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A preview of the Eterm/twin merger (buttons were added since)

Move Mouse 11 KByte2004/03/2312:09
Move the mouse pointer to (or by) x/y from the command line, optionally pressing a button. Most useful with tools like xbindkeys (which it is now part of). Uses Xlib and the Xtst extension.

MU* tools15 KByte2004/03/2312:09
Some tools (sources in C, binaries for linux) to help with uploading/installing large systems (like MIAM2 or Keran's weather sim) to MUSHes and MUXes. These tools are still alpha. They are also a pain to use, but much less so then renumbering objects by hand like we used to. The MIAM2-installer will inherit a lot of this code, adding a lot of usability (possibly including a web-interface) to it.

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