Title: elisp-Hacks
"nested search" The idea here is this: I often regex-search for a "foo". Then one of the matches will inspire me to look up another term "bar". While searching for "bar", I want to jump to the previous or next "bar" exclusively, not "foo OR bar" \(foo\|bar\) However, I still want my "foo" matches highlighted, and I wish to be able to switch back and forth between the search terms.

Mode (fontlock, really) for editing YODL-documents. (prerelease)

Mode (fontlock) for editing tinyFugue setup files. (very alpha)

Mode (excessively simple fontlock only) for editing bbcode (used in phpbboard, some weblogs, etc). It's not much, but the alternative seems to be "nothing at all." (alpha)

Extremely simple. Converts current text buffer to the format used by tinyMUSHes. (More MUSH-foo, including MUX In A Minute 2.)

Extremely simple.
unfill-paragraph-azou turns the individual lines of a paragraph into one long one, eliminating any indent.
unfill-paragraph-mush transforms the individual lines of a paragraph into one long one using unfill-paragraph-azou, eliminating any indent. It puts the result into the cut-and-paste buffer, with an extra \\ in front and a newline at the end for easy pasting into a MUSH or MUX online game. It adds an empty line after paragraph unless there already is one, font-locks (highlights quotes and such) and places the point (cursor) there. This makes it useful both for cutting-and-pasting from the MUSH window (tinyFugue within a terminal in my case) to xemacs (and reformat it properly), and for reformatting your own poses for pasting them from xemacs to the MUSH.

Patches against xemacs
Some patches against xemacs, like the tinting & shading patch for its text area, are available in a separate location.