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A re-release of MU In A Minute is underway, fixing all known bugs and security risks from the previous version as well as implementing many features from the to-do list, such as cars, taxis, automagic map generation, apartment code, places, notes-code, and many more.
MIAM II will finally be modular, so those wanting a ShadowRun MUSH will not have to download White Wolf races code etc.
MIAM II at this time supports Keran's Time & Weather code as an "external module."
For now, it works on tinyMUSH 3.x.
Until there is a separate MUSH-, CVS and web-site for it, Floodland: From Dusk till Dawn ("ChicaGo-MUSH", flood.azundris.com 7000°) is the reference site for MIAM II.
MIAM II is being developed by Azundris (callisto@chicago), a professional software-engineer and long-time MUSHer and pen & paper role-player, and Michael Pedersen (pedersen@chicago), the creator of the original MIAM.

See the lisp section for simple MU-related elisp-foo.

plushelp.txt.bz221 KByte2004/03/2312:09

tm30-rl.patch.bz212 KByte2004/03/2312:09

staffhelp.txt.bz217 KByte2004/03/2312:09
MIAM 2 help files (staff). Unzip into text directory.

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MU* tools15 KByte2004/03/2312:09
Some tools (sources in C, binaries for linux) to help with uploading/installing large systems (like MIAM2 or Keran's weather sim) to MUSHes and MUXes. These tools are still alpha. They are also a pain to use, but much less so then renumbering objects by hand like we used to. The MIAM2-installer will inherit a lot of this code, adding a lot of usability (possibly including a web-interface) to it.

MIAM2 pre-release141 KByte2004/04/3001:31
pre-release of the new and improved version of MIAM (MUX In A Minute) as of 2004/05/30. Includes MU-tools sources. Have your code wizard security-audit this code before using it in a 'production' MUSH. : ) No guarantees at all, any error yours.