Photo: Azundris, with 68k assembler in the backgroundTitle: Patches

MySQL server°
If you run the mysqld database server, you're already using some of my code°.

pie-menu / dock for X11
This adds many options to the original version.

Some patches against the source of the popular xemacs editor, like the infamous "tinting & shading" transparency patch.


oidentd patched to also produce tokens a la didentd on request: It lets you specify different types of ident responses (true ID, random fake ID, static fake ID, token, ...) on a per-user per-request (the latter being specified by port [-range] and IP [-range]) basis. In my case, a static fake ID for IRC for the user-ID I IRC with, when connected to port 6667-6669 -- of course that ID would not map to a real account on the machine for security reasons --, and an audit token for all other requests. This is a token (containing source-IP and -port, target-IP and -port, user-ID and a timestamp in encrypted form) that a remote admin can send back to you if they think something fishy is going on. Thus, the audit data are there, but since only you can read them, your users' privacy and system-security are guaranteed, and a request will not result in sensitive data being revealed.

finger-daemon for those so extraverted that they feel they have to hand out something while not wanting to reveal security-relevant info. Started out as a patch to the BSD implementation, but shares almost no code with it these days.

My "desktop patch" unifies some kernel patches that I find useful on my desktop machine.

Some patches to enhance tinyMUSH 3. See also for MIAM 2.

Small patches for beryl, compiz, or their plugins.

Assorted small patches.