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GTK+ 1/2 (theme)41 KByte2004/03/2312:08

enlightenment (ReadMe)1.5 KByte2004/03/2312:08
Credits for all entities used in the enlightenment theme that were not created by Azundris; credits and where-to-get info on all items in the preview.

exquisite theme for the engage docker331 KByte2004/09/2910:58

gkrellm (preview)19 KByte2004/03/2312:08

gkrellm (theme)36 KByte2004/03/2312:08

enlightenment (e16theme)790 KByte2004/07/0209:44

GTK (preview)20 KByte2004/03/2312:08

exquisite theme for the engage docker (preview)44 KByte2004/09/2910:59

exquisite theme for the engage docker (sources)481 KByte2004/09/2915:01

obsolete4 KByte2004/04/2921:38

Azundris' enlightenment-16 theme84 KByte2004/03/2312:16
Azundris' theme for enlightenment DR16 (preview showing evidence and kdcop)

XChat (colour scheme)1.2 KByte2004/03/2312:08
For completeness' sake: my xchat colour scheme.

Industrial Beer Spillage (revisited)154 KByte2004/03/2312:08
GTK2 theme by Jeff from custommonkey.org, fixed to handle toggle-buttons, scroll- and progress-bars correctly. Prelight and insensitive states were added as well.