Drawing: Michelle daSere
Michelle "Sindelle" daSere
Contemporary French supermodel played on Paris°-MUSH for over 4ooo hours, then on Monaco° for a few thousand more.
Descriptions: homid rage sokto crinos chatro feline cub daughter
This is what Michelle appears like in her human form -- to those with a strong will...
Photo: Sindelle, homid Sindelle is no less than gorgeous. Her beauty, the curves of her toned body, the wild curls towering up on her head to flow down one side of it like a surrealistic brunette waterfall, they all but serve to put forward the startling notion that the lens she hypnotizes does her no justice, that it is not the billboards where she is larger than life.

She is wearing a black satin dress which seems to repeat her assymmetrical hairdo in its flowing waterfall decolletee, and a second time below the waistline, effectively showing off one of her implausibly long legs and a slender high-heeled foot. The way her right shoulder remains naked, barely covered by her long brown locks, has something of a promise in it, as well as of vulnerability and of elegance. Donatella might have made assymmetry comme il faut this season, but here is the goddess who invented it.